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Noise banned in Canadian town


Toronto : A Canadian town has banned “excessive” noise at the weekend to let people have a peaceful Sunday.

Granby, 70 km east of Montreal in French-speaking Quebec province, has passed a bylaw to prohibit ‘excessive’ noise to let its residents enjoy their quietude Sunday, reports here say.

Fines up $150 (Rs 7,000) for the first offence will be imposed if any resident files a complaint about excessive noise in his or her neighbourhood.

Under the bylaw which came into force Saturday, residents can mow their lawns and chop wood, but not use noisy devices such as chainsaws on their properties.

The bylaw was introduced after Mayor Richard Goulet received numerous noise complaints. “This law is for a minority of people who don’t respect the majority and do what they want. When you live in a community, there are some rules to follow,” the mayor was quoted as saying.

The mayor added,”Not all people have the same level of tolerance. This is going to be totally unmanageable.”

But the passage of the bylaw faced tough opposition last week when city councillors sat to discuss it. Opponents tabled a 1,500-name petition against it.

“This is absolutely extraordinary in the wrong way,” said lawyer Gabriel Gaudet who represented those opposed to the bylaw.

The lawyer, who didn’t rule out challenging it in court, said one of his clients, a contractor, fears he will lose business if homeowners cannot do renovation work or repairs Sundays.

“The mayor really went overboard with this and I will fight him until he changes his mind,” the contractor was quoted as saying.

The mayor said those who complained against noise must keep in mind that they can be asked to appear in court if anyone who is fined goes to court.

“This way moaners will soon realize that they can’t call police if their neighbour makes some noise for five minutes,” he said.