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Judicial reforms will save courts’ time, prevent law misuse: NGO


New Delhi : Judicial reforms will ensure that no time is wasted on frivolous litigation and instead help dispose of hundreds of cases pending in courts while holding up those misusing the law, said an NGO.

Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF), an NGO working at the behest of those wrongly held up because laws such as the Domestic Violence Act and on dowry have been misused, said judicial reforms are necessary to help families from breaking up.

Talking on the issue of frivolous litigations, Vivek Deveshwar of SIFF said: “There should be heavy fines imposed on those who waste the court’s time on frivolous litigation – like on this actor kissing that actor – in the name of public interest.

“Instead, the 3.11 crore pending cases in various courts which the chief justice of the Supreme Court himself mentioned, should be disposed promptly.”

Quoting the third report of the National Police Commission, Deveshwar said 60 percent of arrests by police are unnecessary and account for 43.2 percent of jail expenditure.

“In the year 2007, 68 lakh people were arrested out of which 40 lakh were unnecessary as per the National Police Commission report. Unnecessary arrests also lead to higher expenditure and delay in courts due to bail hearings,” he said.

“The Criminal Procedure Court amendment therefore should be enforced to help in better enforcement of laws without violating the human rights and constitutional rights of citizens,” Deveshwar said.

Suggesting reforms in family law, somewhat drastically, Deveshwar said alimony for professionals such as doctors, engineers and lawyers should be done away with “prima facie” and instead sustenance loans should be provided for a period of time until the person gains fruitful employment.

He also added that marital cases filed more than two years ago were still pending in family courts and should be disposed in a maximum of six months time.

“Also, if false allegations are found to be made in relation to abuse in matrimonial cases, heavy fines must be imposed,” Deveshwar said.