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13,000 Mexicans dance to Michael Jackson’s song


Mexico City : Nearly 13,000 Mexicans have attempted to set a world record by dancing to the song “Thriller” as a tribute to the King of Pop Michael Jackson.

The feat remains to be validated by the Guinness Book of Records.

A total of 12,937 dancers gathered Saturday – which would have been Jackson’s 51st birthday – at the Monument to the Revolution in downtown Mexico City.

The dance phenomenon in the Mexican capital was watched by about 50,000 spectators who put up with occasional rain showers, but the wet weather did not discourage the participants from trying for the Guinness record.

The intricate “Thriller” dance routine went on for 12 minutes, according to the requirement established by the Guinness Book of Records to duplicate – as much as possible – Jackson’s revolutionary 1983 music video, which set the tone for subsequent efforts in the world of pop.

The Mexican initiative, which was called “Yo si bailo Thriller” (Yes, I dance Thriller), was organised by the Facebook social networking site, which set up the record-breaking attempt over a period of six weeks.

Some 1,295 police officers, 535 patrol cars, an ambulance and a helicopter belonging to the Mexico City government monitored the area around the monument to ensure the safety of the participants and onlookers, police said.

When the number of dancers who had gathered for the event was announced, the public and the participants gave a huge shout of “Yes, we did it!”