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Gujjars under-represented in Kashmir services: NGO


Jammu: The Gujjars, the third largest community in Jammu and Kashmir after Muslims and Hindus, are grossly under-represented in the state government services, says a survey conducted by an NGO.

According to the survey conducted by the Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation, released in Jammu Sunday, it was revealed that the Gujjars, who fall in the Scheduled Tribe category in the state, have no presence in the 10 major departments in the secretariat.

“It’s a zero presence over there,” Javaid Rahi, general secretary of the foundation said.

In 22 other departments, there are only three officials, whereas the number as per the population – more than 30 lakh and eight percent reservation – should have been 64.

Of the 22 districts, only one district, the survey pointed out, had a Gujjar deputy commissioner.

“This is sheer discrimination…” Rahi said.

He also claimed that the community, which is being neglected in the decision making, is being marginalised in all spheres.

In the police department, there is no Gujjar visibility in the ranks of deputy inspector general and above. There is one senior superintendent of police and he too is posted as a staff officer – a non-field posting, the survey said.