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Fiat defies downturn to post sales increase


Rome: Italian car giant Fiat defied the economic downturn and recorded a dramatic increase in car sales across Europe in November.

According to the latest sales figures released Tuesday, the Fiat Group recorded a 30.7 percent increase in November sales with Fiat vehicle sales up 33.3 percent and sales of Lancia vehicles up 37.9 percent.

Sales of Fiat’s Alfa Romeo cars rose by 4.5 percent, the company said.

The sales increase was a significant turnaround in the slowdown that has struck the auto industry in the past few months.

More than 1.1 million vehicles were registered across Europe in November – 30.6 percent more than in November 2008.

Fiat posted an increase in sales in all the major European markets posting a massive 136 percent increase in sales in Britain taking its market share to 4.5 percent.

Car sales rose 25.6 percent in Germany, 32.9 percent in France and an 18.7 percent in Spain.