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A helpline to report stray cattle in Chandigarh


Chandigarh : In Chandigarh, you can now complain about stray cattle on the roads to a helpline number.

“In the wake of increasing number of road accidents involving stray cattle, we have launched the helpline number. Now anyone can inform us about stray animals on the roads and other public places,” said an Chandigarh Municipal Corporation official.

He added: ”Our officials will immediately reach the spot and impound the animal and slap a fine on its owner. Two vans are regularly moving all across the city to impound stray cattle. We also need the cooperation of residents and want them to perform any religious ceremonies only at designated gau-shalas (cow-sheds).”

Stray cattle have troubled the Chandigarh administration as besides causing fatal accidents, they also malign the beauty of this neat and well-ordered city.

In the last five days, two people have lost their lives on Chandigarh roads after ramming their two-wheelers into the stray cattle.

“We have also issued strict instructions to local milkmen and dairy owners not to allow their animals to roam freely on roads otherwise a legal action will be taken against them,” said the official.

The helpline number is 9872511284.