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Metro employee dragged between two stations, survives


New Delhi : A Delhi Metro employee had a miraculous escape Friday night after he was dragged from one station to another with his hand stuck in the closed doors of the train.

Satendra Kumar Jaiswal, 23, was facilitating commuters in boarding and deboarding trains at the busy Rajiv Chowk Metro station, when his hand was caught in the closing doors of a train at 7.30 p.m., according to Delhi Metro officials.

“Since his hand was held from inside the train he got stuck. Jaiswal, who is hired through contractors, was then dragged for 30 seconds till the New Delhi Metro station,” said an official.

“He must have been hanging on to the door when the train was moving or he could have been running along the moving train,” said the official, adding: “Had people not held his hand, the incident would not have occurred.”

The official said an inquiry was ordered.

“Jaiswal was busy managing the crowds at the Rajiv Chowk station when somebody held his hand from inside the train. He was dragged till the New Delhi Railway Metro station from where he was rescued with the help of CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) officials and was taken to hospital,” said Manoj, a commuter who witnessed the whole incident.