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Occupying Soldiers Kill More Afghans

By Prensa Latina,

Kabul : At least six Afghan civilians died and two others were arrested during an operation by the international occupying forces in southern Zabul province, official sources reported on Friday.

Head of the Provincial Council Mohammad Khasin Graned told the media those troops, led by the NATO, attacked on Thursday night by surprise two houses in the Shar-e-Safa, in zabul province.

Graned said six people died and two others were arrested, all civilians.

The official asserted that the inhabitants are arranging the transfer of bodies to the neighboring Kandahar province, where they will organize a demonstration against the foreign troops to demand justice.

The United States and the UN-mandated International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) have not issued any statement about that attack or the deaths of the Afghan civilians.

However, UN spokespeople said six supposed insurgents died and three others were arrested in an operation by its troops in Jeldak district.

According to the Pentagon, its troops launched another operation in Khost province, I which a rebel resulted dead and there were nine people arrested.

The government reported that it would seek national consensus about what should be done against the military operations by the expeditionary forces that continue causing civilian victims in this sieged Islamic central Asian country.