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UNRWA-Hamas aid row over


GAZA : Hamas-led dismissed government in the Gaza Strip announced Saturday that its crisis with UNRWA over humanitarian aid had been resolved.

The development came following a meeting between Hamas and UNRWA officials, it said in a release.
The meeting was attended by the dismissed government’s Minister of Health Basim Naim, Cabinet Secretary General Mohammad Awad and UNHRWA’s Middle East Commissioner Karen Abu Zeid.

“We have put mechanisms and arrangements to prevent the recurrence of such incidents in the future and to allow UNRWA to resume full operations in the Gaza Strip,” according to the release.
The UNRWA has suspended all its aid operations in the Gaza Strip following the confiscation by Hamas members of hundreds of tons of food aid. The UNRWA provides food, health and educational aid to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the coastal enclave, who have been suffering so seriously due to the Israeli aggression on the Gazans, which claimed the lives of at least 1,300 and injury of over 5,000. (end) zt.mao KUNA 071225 Feb 09NNNN