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Israel opens crossings into Gaza

By Xinhua,

GAZA : Israel on Sunday opened commercial crossings into Gaza Strip shortly after Palestinian militants fired a rocket into its southern territory.

Up to 121 trucks are scheduled to enter Gaza Strip through the Kerem Shalom crossing point, and 77 trucks, laden with wheat and animal fodders, are expected to get in via Karni crossing in eastern Gaza City, according to Ra’ed Fatouh, head of a private committee that arranges the crossings’ movement with Israel.

Nahal Oz fuel crossing will also open for allowing “limited amounts” of cooking gas and industrial diesel for the only power plant in the coastal territory, he said.

As for the trucks that wait at Kerem Shalom, 53 of them carry “humanitarian aid and relief materials” while the others carry food and commercial stuff imported by private companies, Fatouh said.

Israel used to ease the flow of vital food products and industrial diesel to Gaza after it ended an unprecedented offensive on Gaza last month.

Egypt and Turkey intensified their efforts to broker a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel while the Islamic movement stressed that any such deal should secure full opening of the crossings.