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Pakistan calls for immediate halt to Israeli ground offensive in Gaza

By Xinhua,

Islamabad : Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi Sunday called for immediate halt to the Israeli ground and air assault on Gaza to avoid human losses and destruction.

“The government of Pakistan has condemned Israeli ground and Air attacks. We think it is unjustified and must be immediately stopped,” Qureshi told a news conference at the eastern Pakistani city of Multan.

“Israeli aggression must end and it should stop ground and aerial attacks and solve the problem through dialogues” Qureshi said, adding “the cease-fire must be revived to avoid human losses and destruction.”

Qureshi said that foreign ministers from Islamic countries met in Jeddah Saturday and Pakistan fully took part in the proceedings and presented its stance.

He said that the Muslim world should show solidarity and effectively raise voice for the Palestinian people.

The foreign minister also said that a special envoy of the Iranian president visited Pakistan Saturday and met with the Pakistani president and the prime minister and delivered a special message from the Iranian president.

He said that the Iranian president in his message called for a jointly and effective strategy of the Muslim nations on the Palestinian issue.

“Such strategy is under discussion as it is a serious and human issue,” he said.

Israel sent ground forces into the Gaza Strip after a week of air strikes and its troops are reported to be engaged in heavy clashes with Hamas militants in northern Gaza. Both sides have reported casualties in the fighting.