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Britain wants quick action against Mumbai attacks responsible


Islamabad : Britain has urged Pakistan to take some quick steps and prosecute the responsible for the Mumbai attacks.

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband in his fourth trip to Pakistan in 18 months met the leadership of India and Pakistan and tried to defuse the tension between the two countries.

Pakistan has been a member of the Commonwealth of Nations since independence in 1947. However its membership was suspended with the overthrow of the democratically elected government in 1999. Its full membership has been reinstated with the backing of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand for Pakistan ‘s support in the War on Terrorism.

The British foreign secretary has supported the trial of suspects in Pakistan , saying the government was committed to try the suspects through the Pakistani judicial system. He said Pakistan should put the suspects on trial at the earliest.
Actions need to go further and faster so that those arrested by Pakistan should be punished through trial, Miliband said during a press conference.

He however rejected New Delhi ‘s demand for extradition of suspects and their prosecution in India . They should be prosecuted in Pakistan , he added.

Analyst believe that Miliband has some kind of soft corner for Pakistan as he had said that Pakistan state did not direct the Mumbai attacks, contradicting accusations from the India government that state agencies were involved

War is not in the interest of any one, Pakistan and India should opt for dialogues, Miliband said adding that Britain would play its role in the resolution of Pak-India tension.

Miliband believes that the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Tayyaba has carried out the Mumbai attacks, adding the attacks showed that Pakistan ‘s previous policy to deal with terrorists had not succeeded.

He said Pakistan , like India , was also a victim of terrorism, adding the two countries should solve the Kashmir dispute through dialogue, to help Pakistan tackle terrorism.

He expressed Britain ‘s complete support for Pakistan and said the international community was already helping the country tackle the issue of terrorism at political, social and economic levels.

The British foreign secretary commended Pakistan ‘s stance of not allowing the use of its territory against any country. Miliband said that despite current tensions, Pakistan should remain focused on quelling extremists and terrorists on its western border.

Mr Miliband said India had worked hard for four years to improve ties with Pakistan and it now wanted it to tackle terrorism. They seriously need Pakistan to address the searing injustice Indians feel over terror attacks.

He also reminded Pakistan of India’s support for the IMF loan. He said it was India ‘s strength and wisdom that it supported a $7-8 billion loan for a country from where attacks were launched in Mumbai. That decision deserves recognition.