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Senator holds up Clinton nomination


Washington : A US senator has for at least one day delayed a vote on Hillary Clinton to become the next secretary of state, but the manoeuvre was not expected to thwart President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the State Department.

Texas Senator John Cornyn placed a hold on the vote Tuesday just before Obama was sworn into office. Cornyn said the Senate needs to take a closer look at former president Bill Clinton’s dealings abroad before a vote takes place.

The 100-seat Senate is expected to overwhelmingly approve the nomination once it goes to a full vote. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 16-1 last week to send her candidacy to the floor.

Cornyn believes there should be a debate session on the Clinton nomination rather than going directly to a vote about her husband’s international dealings since he left office in 2001.

Clinton has raised hundreds of millions of dollars abroad for his foundation, including from foreign governments, which could raise a perception of a conflict of interest for the secretary of state designate.

Bill Clinton agreed to scale back his fundraising abroad since his wife accepted the nomination, and in December disclosed for the first time the donors to the foundation, which combats AIDS and takes on other causes around the world.