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Let Mahatma Gandhi talk, says campaign by an NGO


New Delhi : A two feet tall pair of shoes will be the face of a campaign – Let Gandhi talk – by an NGO that will be launched on Martyr’s Day Jan 30.

The campaign, led by the organisation Ingandhishoes.org, will aim to remind people of Gandhi’s teachings by making them step in those shoes and speak aloud any of his quotes, especially on non-violence.

“Stepping into those two feet tall shoes will remind you that no one can fit into Gandhi’s shoes. Speaking aloud his quote in those shoes will further make one absorb the essence of those words,” Vaidehi Garigipati, one of the campaign coordinators, told IANS.

Not just that. The campaigners will also go around telling people to sign a petition to the government so that one of Gandhi’s quotes is inscribed beside his portrait on currency notes.

“The petition calls to give Gandhi his voice. If a quote of his is inscribed beside his portrait on the currency note, it will always remind people of Gandhi’s teachings. Therefore starting Jan 30, we will go across the country with 5×6 feet large postcards and urge people, especially school and college children, to sign it,” Garigipati said.