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Mangalore pub’s licence should be cancelled: NCW


Bangalore : The National Commission for Women (NCW) Friday said the license of the Mangalore pub where women were attacked last week should be cancelled as it was illegally allowing live band performances and lacked proper security.

A three-member NCW team, led by Nirmala Venkatesh, visited the pub Amnesia – The Lounge, where members of the Sri Rama Sene attacked women on Jan 24. Venkatesh said “We heard there was live band performance when it had license only to serve food.”

“We were also told that some girls were participating (in dancing),” Venkatesh told reporters.

“We checked the pub’s documents and are not satisfied with the explanation given by its owners,” Venkatesh said. “The pub also had no security guard.”

“They have no right to run the pub like that. The NCW will recommend cancellation of the license,” Venkatesh said.

The team met some of the 27 accused who are lodged in a jail. “They have expressed regret for their action,” she said.

Venkatesh said she has asked the district authorities to take action against pubs running without licenses and proper security.

Around 40 members of Sri Rama Sene (army of god Rama) barged into Amnesia on Jan 24 and bashed up several young women who were there with a group of men.

The Sene justified the attack saying they were “protecting traditional Indian values”.

Its vice president Prasad Attavar and 26 others were arrested two days after the attack. Attavar did not take part in the attack but defended it.

Sene founder president Pramod Muthalik, who was away in Maharashtra on the day of the attack, was arrested Thursday for justifying the action.