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Bangaloreans resent fuel price hike


Bangalore : The residents of Bangalore have expressed widespread resentment over the fuel price hike announced Wednesday which, they feel, would result in increase in prices of other essential products and services.

After the hike of petrol prices by Rs.4 per litre and diesel prices by Rs.2 per litre, Bangaloreans now have to shell out Rs.50.66 per litre for petrol and Rs.37.01 per litre for diesel.

“It has been a huge hike. We’re not prepared to handle ever increasing prices in petrol and diesel,” Prakash Sharma, a government employee told IANS.

Sanjana P., a homemaker said that with rise in fuel prices, there would be an overall rise in prices of all essential commodities.

“My monthly budget has gone for a toss now, with rise in prices of fuel products. With fuel prices becoming dearer, it is obvious that prices of essential commodities will also rise. Right from vegetables to pulses, prices of all household goods will increase now,” Sanjana said.

Prices of essential commodities like pulses are to be dearer now in the city. President of Bangalore Wholesale Food Grains and Pulses Merchant’s Association Ramesh Chandra Lahoti confirmed this.

“It’s now inevitable, with rise in fuel prices, food items will cost more,” said Lahoti.

M. Manjunath, president of Adarsha Auto and Taxi Drivers Union (Hind Mazdoor Sangha), said an increase in fares is also likely now.