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Budget gives fillip to R&D in science


New Delhi : Research and development (R&D) programmes in science and technology were in focus in the union budget presented Monday, with special emphasis on nano technology and earth and atmospheric sciences.

The government has allocated Rs.577 crore (Rs.5.77 million) for research and development programmes in emerging areas of science and technology, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said in parliament. Overall, science and technology has been allocated Rs.2,133 crore.

The special areas of focus include physical sciences, chemical sciences, nano technology, earth and atmospheric sciences.

A large number of R&D activities are supported in new and inter-disciplinary areas such as water technology, innovation clusters, security technology and facilities for mega research.

Mukherjee also said gender specific areas have been identified and appropriate allocations have earmarked for women. Due emphasis is being given to programmes of socio-economic development, including entrepreneurship.

The outlay for the Ministry of Earth Sciences is Rs.900 crore with special focus on oceanographic research.