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Rocket attacks: BSF discovers another rocket near border


Attari (Punjab) : Border Security Force (BSF) officials late Friday evening discovered the splinters of another rocket in the paddy fields outside Kaonke village in Attari area. They said it could have been fired along with the three other rockets from Pakistan on July 4.

BSF’s Punjab frontier Deputy Inspector General Jagir Singh, told IANS Friday, “This rocket probably went undetected because it was fired simultaneously with the one that exploded and injured a farmer at Dande village. Its presence could not be felt at that time as it fell more than a kilometre from the closest settlement.”

There are reports that India’s ministry of external affairs will take up the rocket attacks across the Punjab border by suspected Islamist terrorists with their Islamabad counterparts.

Meanwhile, BSF officials Friday criticised Pakistan’s laxity in investigating the July 4 rocket attack on Indian territory and their failure to trace the guilty, saying their counterparts were not taking these attacks seriously and again indulging in a “blame game”.

Pakistan Rangers Thursday blamed India for firing the third rocket towards Pakistan that fell inside their territory, close to the Indian village Pul Kanjari.

“There is no question of firing from the Indian side and we had given enough proof to the Pakistan Rangers in our protest report that all three rockets were fired from their side,” said Singh.

However, he added that in view of their allegations, they were still examining the situation.

“It is sad that rather than taking adequate action or undertaking a proper inquiry, they are issuing wrong statements. The ground reality is that Pakistan is just trying to divert the attention of people by playing their favourite blame game.”

According to BSF officials, two shells landed on the Indian side of the border in the paddy fields of Dhande village and in the open field at Baharwal village, near the Attari-Wagah land border joint check post July 4.

The third shell landed on the Pakistani side, close to Indian village Pul Kanjari, BSF officials said.

“It is a proven fact that if anything goes wrong near the border, then Pakistan directly holds India responsible for it without evaluating the situation or giving it a second thought,” said Singh.

About the BSF’s future course of action, he said the BSF was observing this issue very seriously and formulating its future strategy, which they could not divulge because of security reasons.

“We are also planning to again meet Pakistan Rangers in the coming days to discuss this issue,” he added.

BSF Director General M.L. Kumawat had visited the village site where the shells had fallen Monday.

A resident from Dhande village along the border claimed that he was injured by a splinter from a shell.

The ‘rocket’ attack came in the wake of the killing of a Pakistani national by the BSF near Roranwala village near the joint check post July 4 evening as he tried to run from the Pakistani side into Indian territory.

BSF officials said the man could be linked to terrorists and the ‘rocket’ attack could be in retaliation.

However, the Pakistani side refused to admit that the man killed was from their country.