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Work productivity can lessen by 30 percent in Delhi: Climate report


New Delhi : Among all other adverse effects that climate change can and has been bringing about is lessening work productivity, according to an Oxfam report which says the productivity in Delhi can drop by 30 percent because of the global warming.

The report, ‘Suffering the Science – Climate Change, People and Poverty’, said besides the more visible effects of climate change – the scanty rainfall these monsoons for instance – there are a whole lot of other implications that have been and will affect our lives.

The report estimates that climate change has contributed to an average of 150,000 more deaths than diseases per year since 1970.

It goes on to give examples of natural disasters like cyclone Aila which killed over 200 people in West Bengal and the drought like situation in Uttarakhand – the first time ever – as affects of climate change.

The report says: “People living in poor countries, particularly outdoor workers and agricultural labourers, are experiencing dramatic losses to their livelihoods and severe impacts to their health as temperatures rise across the globe.”

Agriculture and trade are also severely affected because of the shifting seasons, the report added.

Aditi Kapur of Oxfam India said: “The overwhelming bulk of evidence, from every corner of the globe, is right in front of our eyes and cannot be ignored. Finding a solution to climate change cannot be left to our grandchildren.”