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Five-year-old with the appetite of a bodybuilder


Kolkata : Five litres of milk, dozens of bananas and six or seven full meals. Believe it or not, this is the daily diet of a five-year-old girl in West Bengal’s Birbhum district, a newspaper said Friday.

According to Bartaman newspaper, Suman Khan of Metiwala village weighs 75 kg. Villagers say her father Jalal Khan, a labourer, spends all his income on trying to meet her insatiable hunger.

If the food is inadequate, Suman creates a scene. Many a times she knocks on the doors of neighbours asking for food.

Her parents are aware that Suman is suffering from some serious disease, but they don’t have the means to arrange for her treatment.

According to doctors quoted by the daily, Suman has a hormonal problem that can be treated either in Kolkata or in Tamil Nadu’s Vellore town.

Forward Bloc’s Bijoy Bagdi, the local legislator, has promised to “definitely try to raise money for the treatment of the girl”.