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Kochi civic body makes it real tough for litter-bugs


Kochi : Residents in the Kochi Municipal Corporation area of Ernakulam district risk paying out a fine of Rs.10,000 if they are caught throwing garbage on the street.

The new law came into effect Tuesday after the district administration held detailed discussions with various departments including the police and the municipal corporation of Kochi.

Speaking to IANS, Ernakulam’s additional district magistrate C.V.Sajan said that soon 16 secret cameras would be placed at various places to track the law breakers.

“We intend to move these cameras from place to place so that the entire Kochi corporation area is covered. Yesterday itself we caught two vehicles that were dumping waste, and they have been penalized,” said Sajan.

Speaking to IANS, Kochi mayor Mercy Williams said that the success of the plan depends on when those who are found violating the new law are apprehended.

“The prohibitive fine could well be a deterrent because right now we have put the fine for the violators at Rs.250 only. Getting hold of the violators is going to be a tough task and we expect the closed circuit cameras to do the trick,” said Williams.

The commercial capital of the state, Kochi is facing a tough problem as close to 300 tonnes of waste is being generated in the city every day.