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Bangaloreans’ night out for safety of women

Bangalore, March 8 (IANS) Hundreds of activists marched along Bangalore roads late Sunday to spend the night out in parks as part of a campaign to make the city streets safe for women.

The march, Take back the night walk, was organised by Fearless Karnataka/Nirbhaya Karnataka (FKNK), formed a fortnight back following a spate of daylight attack on women in crowded areas for wearing western outfits.

The walk and spend the night out was held coinciding with International Women’s Day Sunday.

“We’re happy to see the huge gathering of women and men to protest the recent increase in attacks on women in Bangalore. We want full safety and security of women in Bangalore and across India,” B.N. Jagdeesh, one of the founder-members of the FKNK and member of NGO Alternative Law Forum, told IANS.

At least five cases of attack on women on various streets of Bangalore came to light within a fortnight.

After walking along roads in upscale Indiranagar, crowded main city bus terminal in the heart of Bangalore, and other areas, the women and men gathered at a park to spend the night to send out a message to the goons that Bangaloreans will not be cowed down by their attacks.

“We will spend the night discussing issues of safety an security of women in the city. We’re also planning to pressure the police and administration till they provide full assurance that no woman in the city will be harassed,” said Jasmine Patheja, founder of Black Noise (a group working against sexual harassment of women on Bangalore streets), and member of the FKNK.

“The experience is unique and thrilling. Hope all the nights in the city will be safe and secure for women from now onwards,” said Charu Kumar, a student taking part in the campaign.