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India wants Pakistan to act fast in Mumbai case


New Delhi : Four days after India responded to Pakistan’s 30 questions in connection with the Mumbai attacks, New Delhi Tuesday asked Islamabad to act fast in bringing the perpetrators of the carnage to justice and underlined that it will do everything it can to encourage this process.

“Certainly, we would hope that those things (bringing perpetrators to justice and dismantling terror infrastructure) would happen and happen as soon as possible and we will do everything we can to encourage that process,” Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon told reporters here.

“We will continue down that road with whoever is willing to help us to achieve our goal,” Menon said, while adding that India had replied March 13 to 30 questions posed by Pakistan to enable it to prosecute the terrorists behind the Mumbai mayhem.

He added that Pakistan understands what India expects it to do and the responses New Delhi has received from authorities in Islamabad “represent the first step in the direction for meeting those goals”.

“We will do what we can to encourage them to do the right thing. But I cannot say that everything has happened yet and perpetrators have either been brought to justice or there has been credible action against the infrastructure of terror in Pakistan,” Menon said.

Alluding to the volatile political situation in the neighbouring country, Menon said Pakistan has shown ability to address the issues.

“We would wish them well and we hope, as we have often enough, for a stable democratic Pakistan, which is at peace with itself.”

The Pakistan government Tuesday handed over to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) replies to 30 questions by India for “further examination and necessary legal action”.

The Indian replies were reviewed at a meeting chaired by Interior Ministry chief Rehman Malik and attended by Interior Secretary Kamal Shah and FIA Director General Tariq Khosa.

The meeting agreed that any further response to the Indian authorities would be “conveyed through diplomatic channels in due course of time”, officials said.