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Romantic professor to contest Lok Sabha polls to promote love


Patna : The heart will be his symbol and love his poll plank. If elected, independent candidate for the Lok Sabha Matuknath Choudhary will build a large park here for lovers young and old.

Patna University professor Choudhary, who hit the headlines in 2006 for his affair with a student half his age, Tuesday declared that he will contest the upcoming general elections as an independent candidate with the heart as his poll symbol.

“I will contest elections from Patnasaheb parliamentary constituency as an independent candidate to promote love,” Choudhary told IANS.

“I promise to build a massive park for both young and old lovers in Patna if I am elected,” he added.

Choudhary, in his mid 50s, will request the Election Commission to let him use the heart as his poll symbol.

In 2006, the already married Choudhary had publicly declared his love for his former student Julie Kumari and began living with her.

He was arrested along with his girlfriend after his wife complained to the police, alleging that the professor would lure young students by promising them higher marks. Choudhary’s face was blackened by some angry people, including relatives. The professor and the woman were later released on bail.

The professor of Hindi at B.N. College was suspended following the controversy but later reinstated.

Choudhary, who has a grown up son, is eyeing youth votes. He claims that, if elected, he will ensure that couples will be able to express their love openly.