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India, US discuss terror, unrest in Pakistan


New Delhi : India and US Thursday discussed various issues including terrorism and unrest in neighbouring Pakistan.

During the meeting between India’s Union Home Minister P Chidambaram (photo) and visiting United States’ Central Intelligence Agency chief Leon Panetta in New Delhi, the two sides expressed satisfaction on close cooperation between India and the US during the Mumbai terror strikes on November 26 last year.

The two sides also looked for new ways of forging closer alliance between the two countries in their fight against terrorism, official sources said.

Panetta, who arrived late last night, will be holding discussions with Intelligence Bureau Chief Rajiv Mathur. Panetta, who is scheduled to go to Pakistan from India, will also meet National Security Advisor M K Narayanan and RAW Chief K C Verma to discuss the security situation in the neighborhood — Pakistan and Afghanistan.

This is the third high-level visit by an US official to India since 26/11 Mumbai terror strikes, which began with Director of National Intelligence John Michel McConnell visiting the country in the third week of December last year.

The CIA chief’s visit followed that by FBI Director Mueller on March 3.

The CIA Chief will also hold talks with the country’s top intelligence officials on security cooperation.