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Syed Taraq Quadri resigns from AP Minorities Commission

By Kashif-ul-Huda, TwoCircles.net

The controversy over the Ravichander report has take a new turn today with the resignation of Syed Taraq Quadri from the membership of AP State Minorities Commission (APSMC). Mr. Quadri alleges that current chairman Yusuf Quraishi by his “maneuverings and deceitful acts” has caused “immense harm” to the Muslims.

Advocate L. Ravichander was commissioned by the APSMC following allegation of torture on Muslim youths detained after bomb blasts in Hyderabad in 2007. The final report was submitted to the Commission in Oct 2008 conclusively proving that Muslim youths were tortured by the state police. All detainees have been released by the courts for lack of evidence. The report recommends compensation and rehabilitation for these youths and actions against the police officials. It has been five months but no action has been taken on it either by the Commission or the state government.

Taraq Quadri allege that Mr. Quraishi has given different statements in three different occasions regarding the Ravichander Report. In Commission’s meeting on Dec 19, 2008 he said that final recommendations will be forwarded to the government. Times of India quoted him saying that the final report has been submitted in Dec 2008 to Dr. KVP Ramchander Rao, political advisor to the CM.

While replying to an RTI request in March 2009, Mr. Quraishi made the statement that the report was handed over to Jannat Hussain, Principal Secretary of the chief minister. RTI reply also mentioned that it was instructed by the CM that the report be given to his secretary.

Mr. Quadri alleges that it goes against the APSMC act, this commission is a statutory body and government can not give instructions to this body. Additionally, reports and recommendations should be given to the Chief Minister or his ministers and not to the beaurocrats.

Talking to TwoCircles.net, Mr. Quadri said that Mr. Quraishi’s actions are against community interest and Commission’s mandate and helps the state government avoid an embarrassing situation, so close to the elections.

In his resignation letter to the Chief Minister, Mr. Quadri blamed Mr. Quraishi for not taking actions on other reports submitted to the commissions involving various acts of violence, wakf property misuse, etc.