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Prakash Jha deserves a win: Manoj Bajpayee


New Delhi : Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpayee says his filmmaker friend Prakash Jha, who is contesting the coming poll to parliament on a Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) ticket from Bihar, “deserves a win”.

“It feels good to know that my friend Prakash Jha is contesting from Betia in Bihar. My father is very happy for him too and thinks that he’ll definitely win. According to my father, Prakash ji has worked a lot for the people of Betia and has spent a lot of time with them too,” Manoj stated on his blog www.manojbajpayee-en.itzmyblog.com.

“I think he deserves a win if he has worked selflessly for the betterment of people and I hope that Prakash ji not only wins the Lok Sabha polls, but also proves himself as far as the wishes and aspirations of people are considered,” he added.

Manoj is currently working on Jha’s forthcoming multi-starrer political drama “Rajneeti” and looking forward to begin work on Madhur Bhandarkar’s “Jail”.

He said it is a good option for people from the film industry to step into the political arena.

“Someone asked me once if it is fine for the people from the film industry to come into politics? I said, ‘It’s thousand times better than to elect a criminal.’ A film person is in some way or the other attached with the common masses and is sensitive to the feelings and needs of the people,” he said.

Urging Indians to vote and vote right, Manoj said: “I hereby request all the voters to not go for party name and their symbols as such, rather choose the deserving candidate who in reality possesses the abilities to be their representative.

“I personally feel that elections are not a testing time for the candidates but for the voters actually. I wish that we use this opportunity and choose a civilised, smart, honest and just representative for ourselves and our nation.”