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Gilani raises spectre of Indian aggression


Islamabad : Pointing to Pakistan’s inner turmoil, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has raised the spectre of an Indian aggression but said the armed forces would be provided the necessary funds in spite of a cash crunch to maintain the necessary deterrent.

Noting that historically a weak internal front always tended to invite external aggression, Gilani said: “When seen with the widening force differential between ours and Indian armed forces, it explains to us its emboldened posture and urge to find space for a conventional war.”

Despite the current financial crunch, the government would ensure that all the requirements of the armed forces were fully met to prepare them to accomplish their mission, the prime minister said during his address at the National Defence University here, Dawn reported Friday.

Any threat to the country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty would be countered with full force, he added.

At the same time, Gilani said Pakistan had no aggressive designs against any country.

Admitting that Pakistan was passing through a difficult phase in a complex security situation because of the international war on terror, Gilani said the country faced a host of internal and external challenges.

An “internal threat has been evolving beyond comprehension and has weakened us considerably”, the prime minister noted.