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Manmohan Singh best PM the country can have: Rahul Gandhi


New Delhi: Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi Tuesday reiterated that Manmohan Singh will be the party-led UPA’s prime ministerial candidate post Election 2009 as he is the best man for the post.

“Manmohan Singh is a dynamic person. He has done tremendous things for the country. Manmohan Singh is the best prime minister the country can have,” Rahul Gandhi said at a press conference here.

“My personal view is that he is the best prime minister for the country. Congress president (Sonia Gandhi) is also of this view. In general, if we think something is good for the country, we go for it. We thought the nuclear deal was good, we got that done. Now we think Manomohan is the best,” Rahul Gandhi said, adding that the party would not compromise on the issue.

His remarks come a day after Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh said the party would not “guarantee” Manmohan Singh being the United Progressive Alliance’s (UPA) prime ministerial candidate post the elections, and the alliance partners would deliberate on the issue if it forms the next government.

Rahul Gandhi also said the Congress party has been campaigning hard for the last 30 days and its leadership feels the party will win the elections.

“We don’t think we will sit in the opposition. We think we will win this election,” he added.

Attacking the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Rahul Gandhi said: “For them it has been a search for issues. Everyday they bring forward a new issue, none of which are central issues. The BJP is going to sit in the opposition.”