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Three criminals lynched by villagers in Jharkhand


Ranchi : Three criminals, allegedly extorting money, were beaten to death by villagers in Gumla district of Jharkhand, police said Sunday.

According to police, a group of five criminals claiming to be members of Maoist outfit Jharkhand Liberation Tiger (JLT) (now known as People Liberation Front of India (PLFI)), were demanding money from residents of the district’s Kesipara village late Saturday night.

The villagers caught three of them and beat them with iron rods as well as pelted stones at them, killing them on the spot.

The police reached the village Sunday morning and took possession of the three men’s bodies.

According to the preliminary probe, the three killed were using the name of Maoist outfit to threaten villagers to extort money, a police official told IANS by telephone.

Gumla district is around 140 km from Ranchi.