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Prof. A R Kidwai of AMU invited by British universities for academic pursuits

By TwoCircles.net News Desk

New Delhi: Professor Abdur Raheem Kidwai, Director, UGC Academic Staff College, Aligarh Muslim University, has been invited by some British universities namely, University College, University of London, Byron Centre, University of Nottingham and Department of English, University of Leicester for academic pursuits.

During his stay in the UK this summer (June-July 2009) Prof. Kidwai will interact with the faculty in these institutions in order to explore avenues of collaboration and advance research in the fields of Higher Education, innovative teaching, professionalization of teachers and internationalization of Higher Education and English Literary Studies, said Zeeshan Ahmad, Assistant Public Relations Officer.

“Byron Centre, University of Nottingham has expressed interest in Professor Kidwai’s latest forthcoming reference book “Companion to Literary Orientalizm” which charts out the main contours of Literary Orientalism in the history of English Literature,” Ahmad said. This compendium, to be published in June 2009 by Viva Books, New Delhi, familiarizes readers with the genesis, evolution and current status of Literary Orientalizm and identifies the thrust areas of recent studies. It stands out as a major contribution to Marginal/Minority study and the discourse on representation and cross-cultural interaction.

Prof. Kidwai is a Visiting Professor at the Department of English, University of Leicester, UK. He has to his credit several books and papers in the areas of his special interest.