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Islamic Banking Conference in Calicut on 3 &4 October

By TwoCircles.net Staff Correspondent,

Kochi: A two-day conference on Islamic finance and banking will be held in Calicut on October 3 and 4. The conference is organised by the Roudathul Uloom Arabic College in association with the University Grants Commission, the Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation, the Islamic Development Bank in Jeddah and the Secura Investment Management in Calicut. E Ahmed, Minister of State for Railways, will inaugurate the conference at 10 am on October 3 in the auditorium of the Farook College, Feroke in Calicut.

Elamaram Kareem, state Minister of Industries, will preside over the inaugural session. T Balakrishnan, IAS, Principal Secretary of the state Industries and Commerce Department, will present a paper on the ‘Blue print for Islamic finance institution in Kerala’. Dr Hamed Salem Al Waheshi, Arab league ambassador to India, Prof Muhammed Abbas Ali, national convenor of the IDB in India, Dr Khalaf Namri, Muslim World League ambassador, Dr Muhammed Jabir Yemani from the King Saud University in Riyadh, Esam Eshak, shareea consultant of the Bahrain Islamic Bank, Dr Muhammed Ubaidulla, senior economist of the IDB Jeddah, H Abdur Raqeeb, general secretary of the Indian Centre for Islamic Finance, Dr Abdurahman Miyas, managing director of the Crown Consultancy in UAE, Dr Waleed Thabthabai, member of Parliament in Kuwait, Dr Abdurahman Thammami from the education department in Saudi Arabia, and Dr Mazin Muthabaqani from the King Faisal Research Centre in Riyadh will attend the function. PV Abdul Vahab and MK Raghavan, members of Parliament, Prfo KA Jaleel, former VC of the Calicut University, KV Kunhammed Koya, Roudathul Uloom Association president, and Prof A Kuttialikkutty, principal of Farook College, will also participate in the two-day conference.

Scholarly papers will be presented on nearly 15 topics like the basic principles of Islamic finance, the Islamic perspective of ethics in business, running a successful business without loan, Islamic finance for sustainable development, Islamic solutions for the financial crisis, Islamic finance and capital market, Islamic mutual funds and VC funds, Islamic insurance, human resource requirements in Islamic finance institutions and education and research institutes in Islamic finance.

Representatives of institutions running in Kerala on the principles of Islamic finance like the Secura Investment Management India based in Calicut, Alternative Investments and Credits Ltd based in Kochi will also attend.

“By this conference we are planning to create an atmosphere for Islamic banking and finance, said Dr Hussain Madavoor, principal of the RUA College to TCN. “We want to create awareness among those in the field about this branch of economics.” He added that courses in Islamic finance and banking would be offerd in the college once it gets sanction from the governamnt and the university.

Students doing post graduation in business, economics, commerce and management as well as teachers, bank officers and economic journalists have been invited to the conference. The organisers have also arranged to view the conference online. Those interested can watch the live web telecast of the conference on www.islamicfinanceconference.net and listen to the live audio telecast on www.radioislam.in.