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Bangaloreans unite to help Karnataka’s flood victims


Bangalore : At a time when north Karnataka has witnessed large-scale loss of human lives and property due to floods, a motley group of people from state capital Bangalore have come together to provide some succour to the victims.

In one of the collection centres of voluntary organisation Goonj in Bangalore it has been a busy Monday, as members are sorting out clothes and food items to be sent to flood affected places in Karnataka.

“Currently, we have 350 cartons and 100 gunny bags containing clothes, food and other essential items ready to be dispatched for the flood victims. However, we are waiting for approval from local panchayat leaders and state officials for distribution of collected items. We cannot go on our own and distribute relief materials in the flood ravaged areas,” Smitha Anand, Bangalore coordinator of Goonj told IANS.

“All the collected materials are donations from individuals and corporate houses of Bangalore during joy of giving week, celebrated across India. We’re hoping to get more essential items in the coming days,” added Smitha.

Bangalore-based NGO Indian Disabled League is also collecting cloth materials, including blankets and non-perishable food items from the city’s residents to help flood victims.

“In the time of crisis we appeal to all the Bangaloreans to support the flood victims by providing blankets, sarees, shawls, sweaters, t-shirts, eatables like biscuits and chocolates,” said P.K. Paul, senior member of Indian Disabled League.

On Sunday, members of the Bangalore Printers’ Association took to the city’s streets and collected around Rs.25,000 from generous donors. The collected fund will be deposited in the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, says a member of the group.

Volunteers of Socialist Unity Centre of India (SUCI) also raised funds for flood victims in Bangalore Sunday.

State government employees have pledged to donate one day’s salary to the flood victims. The amount is estimated to be around Rs.30 crore.

“Tragedy has struck Karnataka and we all need to help the victims. I am planning to send a cheque of Rs.5,000 to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund to be used for rehabilitation of affected people,” said an IT professional Uma Shankar Pandey.

After three-four days of havoc-causing torrential rains stopped in north Karnataka Sunday, it’s time for the rescue and rehabilitation process in the affected areas.

According to official statistics, 16 districts of the state have been affected by floods. Around 1.25 lakh houses have been damaged, rendering more than two lakh people homeless. A total of 1,211 relief camps in 12 districts have been set up to shelter around 356,769 people. Around 200 people have been officially confirmed dead so far.

However, as a mark of caution, so that donated funds reach the rightful people and avoid any sort of fund mismanagement, the state disaster management cell has asked donors to donate only to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.

“We encourage people to donate funds by cheques, which should be sent to the Chief Ministers’ Relief Fund,” said an official of the state disaster management cell.