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Afghan envoy blames bases outside country for terrorism


New Delhi: Bases outside the country were responsible for the rise in terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, its Ambassador to India, Sayed Makhdoom Raheem, said Saturday in the aftermath of the sucide bombing of the Indian embassy in Kabul.

“The base camps are all located outside Afghanistan and they (the terrorists) get trained, financed, and armed and after that, they come into Afghanistan,” Raheem told the Times Now in an interview.

The response came when he was asked if there was a clear link between the Taliban in Afghanistan and terrorists across the border in Pakistan, as Afghan authorities have blamed Thursday’s attack on elements in Pakistan.

“Only by closing the bases outside Afghanistan will the problem get solved,” he maintained.

To another query, the diplomat reiterated that the “only thing I know and can see are the bases of the these terrorism acts and its sources are out Afghanistan”.

A car-born suicide bomber attacked the Indian embassy in Kabul Thursday morning, killing 17 people. This was the second time that the embassy has been hit after the July 2008 attack that killed 56 people.

On Friday, Afghan Ambassador to the US Said T. Jawad blamed Pakistan’s ISI spy agency for the attack.

“Yes, we do,” the Afghan envoy told the PBS news channel in an interview when asked if he was pointing the figure at Pakistan for the suicide bombing.

“We are pointing the finger at the Pakistan intelligence agency, based on the evidence on the ground and a similar attack taking place in Afghanistan,” Jawad said.

The Afghan foreign ministry said Thursday that “the attack was orchestrated by the same group stationed outside Afghanistan that planned and executed the first attack on the Indian embassy in July last year”.