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Soni, no less, on American journo’s case


New Delhi: Information and Broadcasting Minister Ambika Soni is believed to be extremely upset about the brutal thrashing of American journalist John Elliott by policemen in Delhi. The conflicting versions about the incident are as bizarre as it gets, but the minister is now after the truth.

Police have doggedly stuck to their version that Elliott was found drunk past midnight and caught in an attempt to steal a car. The victim has, however, maintained that he got caught in the middle of a brawl between Delhi Police officers and was beaten black and blue.

Soni feels police could have taken some time to find out the truth instead of hammering and thrashing him left, right and centre. She has asked her officials to find out more and report back to her even as Elliott has left for the US demanding a compensation of $500,000 for “the pain, the suffering and the mental anguish”.