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Dominican lawmaker accused of rape


Santo Domingo : A Dominican lawmaker under fire for having allegedly gotten an underage girl pregnant now faces rape accusations from two women, charges flatly denied Tuesday by legislator Julio Romero’s defence counsel.

The complaint of the two women was presented Monday night on the programme “El informe” on Channel 7 television, one week after the same show presented the story of an 18-year-old woman who claims to have borne Romero’s child when she was 16.

The two women, whose names were not revealed and who live abroad, said the rapes took place more than a decade ago.

Both of them said that they will pursue legal action against Romero.

One of the women said that she was a teenager at the time of the alleged assault.

“El informe” also presented a woman, who said Romero refuses to acknowledge the son he fathered by her 22 years ago.

Romero’s attorneys Tuesday rejected the accusations and told the “El Gobierno de la Manana” radio show that the Channel 7 programme is targeting their client.

The young woman told “El informe” that she met the lawmaker at a political rally, after which they spent the night together in a cabin, although they did not have sexual relations until a later date.

According to the complainant, Romero seduced her by offering to buy her a house, pay for her studies and take her to live in Miami.

Romero acknowledged on the same programme that he had sexual relations with the young woman, but he said that she had assured him she was 18. He questioned whether he is truly the father of the child and said that he had been the victim of blackmail by the woman and her parents.