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IIM-Lucknow celebrates silver jubilee


Lucknow: Top business leaders gathered at the Indian Institute of Management-Lucknow Sunday to celebrate the silver jubilee of one of the country’s premier business school and asked the students to espouse the corporate social responsibility cause.

“We have human infrastructure in abundance. Besides earning for our self, we should also think for the betterment of our country and participate in nation building. We should also make efforts to establish a constructive and virtuous political party from which all of us can profit,” Meera Sanyal, country head of ABN AMRO bank, said.

Founder and CEO of Rediff.com Ajit Balakrishnan said: “As far as I can project, the technological infrastructure of the country will soon change it into an emerged economy rather than an emerging economy.”

“India is providing glorious services to the world in the field of health care, automotive and other fields, and I am sure we are progressing at a good pace to become world leaders in many professional fields.”

Chairman of NASSCOM Pramod Bhasin highlighted on the ‘digital divide’ exsiting in the country.

“As compared to 250 million broadband users in China, we have only 5 million subscribers. This is causing a digital divide between the rural and the urban population,” he noted.

“Another shocking fact – rural India is buying more mobiles than the urban population. Such a gap in the market exists because our decision-makers leave the economy entirely to the market. They think that the market and industry will perform and improve on its own”, Pramod said.

Nagendra S., spokesperson of the media relations committee, said: “We, as a part of our 25th year of existence, have organised various programmes and the Samvit 09 – The leaders’ conclave, is a part of it.”