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Rajya Sabha deputy chairman’s car stolen


New Delhi : Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman K. Rahman Khan’s car, which had a radio tag attached to it, has been stolen from his driver’s residence, police said here Monday.

The Mahindra Bolero was stolen Sunday night from his driver’s home in Mahipalpur in south Delhi, police officials said. The radio tag that allows its entry into parliament has been deactivated.

“The car, a Mahindra Bolero, was stolen from the residence of the driver Niranjan Mohanty late last night. He had taken the vehicle to his home after his duty ended very late,” an official said.

The car was reportedly being used as a pilot vehicle for Khan’s car. Khan is not in Delhi at the moment.

“The radio tag of the car was deactivated after the theft was reported. It is a common practice for the drivers to take the car back home when their duty ends very late,” a police source said.