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Haryana to launch loan, interest waiver scheme


Chandigarh : Haryana will launch a cooperative bank loan and interest-waiver scheme for landless labourers, rural artisans and petty shopkeepers, state Governor Jagannath Pahadia said Wednesday in his maiden address to the newly-elected assembly.

The governor’s address in the first session of the assembly, however, did not refer to Haryana as India’s “number-one state” — the most-heard slogan of the ruling Congress Party in the run-up to the assembly poll this month.

Pahadia merely described Haryana as “one of the fastest growing economies of the country”.

Laying out the roadmap of the new government, the governor said it would set up a state farmers commission and offer full fee concession to women studying in government polytechnic colleges and industrial training institutes.

The proposed commission will examine problems and grievances of farmers and suggest remedial measures.

“The state cooperative bank loan and interest waiver scheme would provide for waiver of principal amount up to Rs.10,000 and interest thereon,” Pahadia said in his address.

In case the loan is more than Rs.10,000, the relief would still be available provided the balance principal amount has been repaid, he added.

“Besides, the loan limit for rural artisans and petty shopkeepers will be increased from Rs.25,000 to Rs.35,000. Necessary steps would also be taken to improve the general functioning of the cooperative sector and simplify procedures.”

Maintaining that the agriculture and farming community would be the primary focus of the state government, Pahadia said efforts would be made to increase growth rate of this sector.

According to him, the government would also set up a science education mission.

“The state government reiterates its commitment to accelerating the pace of development with clear focus on the creation of employment opportunities, socio-economic justice and welfare of the weaker sections,” Pahadia said.

“The government is also committed to providing transparent and people-friendly governance in the state,” he added.