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Rahmani-30 to be emulated in South India

By TwoCircles.net Staff Reporter,

Bangalore: The success of Rahmani-30 coaching centre for IIT entrance has inspired South India Muslims also. Emulating the model of the Patna-based centre run by Rahmani Foundation under the guidance of eminent Islamic cleric Maulana Mohammad Wali Rahmani, LEAD Trust, a Bangalore-based NGO, has set up a similar centre in the Karnataka capital city. Entrance test for admission at LEAD-Rahmani30 will be held on April 18 in both Karnataka and Kerala.

LEAD Trust has been inspired by the success of the Super-30 initiative in Bihar, which in-turn motivated the Rahmani Foundation to form Rahmani-30 free coaching centre to help Muslim students to get admissions into IITs. Both these initiatives have succeeded in identification and support of bright poor students. As its first initiative, LEAD will focus on the IIT-JEE exam in Karnataka and Kerala.

“The Sachar Committee report reveals the abysmally low share of Muslims in professional courses, especially in institutes of excellence in the country. In 2006-07, only 3.3% of all students in all IITs and around 1.3% in all IIMs were Muslims. In IAS, the representation of Muslims was only 3% and it was 4% in IPS. LEAD intends to be an effective intervention to correct this anomaly,” says LEAD Trust.

The trust is an NGO formed in October 2009 by a group of qualified professionals and academicians of Bangalore city. It aims to promote excellence in the fields of education and leadership among Indian youth. To achieve this, it aims to set up coaching and guidance centres, conduct seminars, workshops, education fairs, inter-school programmes to improve overall excellence of students and to propagate human values, ethics, morality and virtuous character. The aim is to identify students who are brilliant, but due to inadequate awareness of good educational opportunities coupled with their poor economical condition are unable to get into prestigious academic institutes and pursue their dream careers.

LEAD – Rahmani30 will be on the pattern of Rahmani-30 and it will focus on IIT-JEE in Karnataka and Kerala. In 2010-11, it will conduct a written test (sourced from Rahmani Foundation) on the core subjects (PCM) and aptitude across Karnataka and Kerala on April 18th 2010 to identify bright students. Shortlisted candidates from the written exam will take an interview in May taken by a panel of professionals, in co-ordination with the Rahmani Foundation. LEAD will select up to 20 students in May 2010 who are willing to do a full-fledged preparation for IIT-JEE for 2012. Selected candidates will reside at the Al-Ameen hostel, Bangalore. The LEAD Trust will provide them with food, lodging, training, guidance, books, study materials, etc. for 2 years, during which they would prepare for PUC and IIT-JEE.

A set of in-house instructors at the Bangalore facility will impart the coaching programme which will be synchronised with that of Rahmani 30 by providing live web conferencing facilities and local coaching.

The associates for ‘LEAD – Rahmani 30’ are Rahmani Foundation, Bihar, Al Ameen Educational Group, Bangalore and Shaheen PU College, Bidar.