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Court’s observations on 1996 Lajpat Nagar bomb blast case


New Delhi: A city court Thursday sentenced three men to death for a bomb blast in Lajpat Nagar in 1996 that claimed 13 lives. Here are some of the observations made by the court while pronouncing the sentence.

— Thirteen innocent persons lost their lives, it is certain that the convicts do not deserve to be dealt with lenient view. They killed these people without any provocation.

— The apparent motive of these convicts was to inflict maximum casualties. The convicts had used powerful material including RDX.

— At no stage during trial, any convict complained of use of force by kingpins forcing them to obey their commands. They never pleaded that they acted under duress or domination of someone. These convicts had no feelings of remorse or repentance.

— The convicts had no apparent justification or motive to take the lives of innocent citizens.

— It was well planned operation. It was not a mere desperate act of a small group of persons. The convicts took an active part in series of steps taken to pursue the object of the conspiracy.

— The gravity of the crime conceived by the convicts with potential of causing enormous casualties as well as disrupting normal life of people is something which cannot be described in words.

— Violence in any form is not permissible in a democratic setup. Such incidents have the potential danger to trigger unprecedented violence and communal disharmony.

— The offence committed by the convicts was indeed an offence against the society.