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BJP attacks Digvijay over war on Maoists


Bhopal : The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Friday accused Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh of creating confusion about the nationwide campaign against Maoists.

“On the one hand, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh pledges to stop the Maoist aggression and on the other Digvijay is pointing fingers at Home Minister P. Chidambaram,” newly-appointed BJP general secretary Narendra Singh Tomar said here.

Tomar said that Digvijay Singh, by holding the state responsible for the Maoist problem, had only expressed his guilt as it was during his 10-year stint as Madhya Pradesh chief minister that Maoist guerrillas killed then transport minister Lakhiram Kanvre.

He asked the Congress to come out of its “directionless policies” and think afresh to tackle the menace.

Tomar’s comments follow Digvijay Singh’s newspaper article where he called Chidambaram “arrogant” and said that governments were not paying enough attention to socio-economic problems that gave birth to Maoism.