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Poorna did not leak confidential email, stresses IPL


New Delhi : Indian Premier League (IPL) clarified Friday that junior executive Poorna Patel, daughter of union Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel, had not “leaked” any confidential mail and had passed information to Shashi Tharoor on the instructions of chief executive Sundar Raman.

“The information was sought by Shashi Tharoor and was consequently provided by Sundar Raman to Poorna Patel to send it on to him. The information contained in the email is by no means confidential and is the same provided to every prospective bidder on request. This has been the IPL’s normal practice for every bid process,” IPL said in a statement.

The clarification issued by the IPL comes a day after questions were raised in parliament over Praful Patel’s interest in forwarding the mail to Tharoor. Poorna apparently forwarded the mail to her father’s personal secretary Champa Bharadwaj, who passed it on to Tharoor.

Patel, president of the All India Football Federation (AIFF), however, denied having any links with the IPL or a “proxy owner” of any team.

Tharoor was involved with a consortium of businessman to bag the Kochi franchise as its mentor, and subsequently had tyo resign under pressure from the opposition.