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Cameron friend’s son commits suicide


London : The school-going son of a Tory leader, who is a friend of British Prime Minister David Cameron, committed suicide after a lover’s tiff even as police tried to talk to him.

Alexander Codrington, 16, had been speaking to policemen on his girlfriend’s mobile for an hour when a loud noise was heard on the phone at 5.20 a.m., The Sun reported Wednesday.

His body was found by policemen in a woodland in Cameron’s constituency of Witney, Oxfordshire.

A police official had pleaded with Alexander to put down his weapon when he fired the fatal shot.

He was upset at breaking up with an RAF officer’s pretty daughter.

A Downing Street spokesperson said: “The prime minister was so sorry to hear this tragic news. He will be writing to the family.”

Alexander was the eldest child of baronet Sir Christopher Codrington, who is well known to Cameron as a leading local Tory in the Witney area.