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Urdu: a victim of systematic political apathy

By TCN News

Bareilly (UP): “Urdu has been a victim of sustained and systematic political apathy, from all the governments, at the Center and in different states of India. Even today it is spoken from Kanya Kumari to Kashmir but still it gets treated, worse than a regional language at the hands of the governments.”

These views were expressed by Mujib Sahil, an Urdu poet at a one day national seminar on “Urdu and challenges before it in today’s world,” organized by Gulashan-E-Fatma Technical Institute, Pilibhit on August 8, 2010.

The speakers highlighted the fact that Urdu has been the carrier of Ganga Jamuni Tahzeeb. It has been language which rose beyond religious boundaries and has been spoken by the followers of all the religions. It is proven by the fact that many famous Urdu poets have been Hindu. Like Akbar Allahabadi, Ashok Sahil, Late Kunwar Mahendra Singh Bedi and many others.

They expressed their concerns at the apparent decline of Urdu because it would certainly affect the secular fabric of Indian society in a bad way. They demanded from the state as well as the central governments, to take measures which will ensure its propagation and will ensure employment on its basis; steps like establishing Urdu medium schools and libraries in different parts of the country and making hoardings and advertisements in Urdu also.

Around 400 people attended the seminar. Saleem Qureshi, Mujeeb Sahil, Irfan Sagar, Nemat Ullah and Mohammad Umar spoke at the occasion. Mr.Tapeshwar Sagar, police officer of Pilibhit was the chief guest of the seminar.