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US military in Sri Lanka on training mission


Colombo : More than 40 US service members are here on a six-day medical and engineering training mission with the Sri Lankan government and medical representatives from the Maldives and Mongolia.

The mission, called Pacific Angel-Sri Lanka, will be conducted at various sites near Anuradhapura and Puttalam, an American embassy statement Monday said. The military personnel arrived in Sri Lanka Saturday.

It will offer free medical and dental care and also feature repairs and construction to support local schools.

This week’s mission allows participating nations to hone their ability to work together and to practice their trades in non-clinical settings, while helping Sri Lankans in need of services.

“It is a pleasure and an honour for me and my team of professional airmen and soldiers to be here as guests of the Sri Lankan government,” said US Air Force Reserves Col. Wes Cockman, the Pacific Angel-Sri Lanka mission commander.