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Lebanese spying for Israel sentenced to death


Beirut : A military court has sentenced to death two Lebanese after convicting them of spying for Israel, Labanon’s state-run National News Agency (NNA) reported.

The judge, Nizar Khalil, pronounced the judgement Tuesday after convicting Ousama Ali Berri and fugitive Salim Atmeh of spying for Israel during the 2006 war between the Jewish state and Lebanese Shiite armed group Hezbollah.

Both of them offered Israeli intelligence agency Mosad information concerning Lebanese and Hezbollah military posts, Xinhua reported.

Berri and Atmeh were also charged with “the crime of entering the land of the enemy”.

According to the ministry of justice, more than 150 spies were working for Israel. Some of the high ranking military officials were arrested in Lebanon since 2009. Five people have been given death penalty so far.