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IIT alumni keen to push Punjab growth


Chandigarh : A group of former students of Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) has planned a conference of the alumni to contribute in the social and economic development of Punjab and other states of the country, a representative said here Saturday.

“We have engaged the IIT alumni, settled abroad as well in various parts of India, in paying back to their country. Various programmes have been initiated in research and development, upgrading skills of faculty, sharing industry knowledge and encouraging entrepreneurship in the country,” said Pradeep Gupta, an alumnus of IIT-Delhi, here Saturday.

Gupta was here along with other IITians Saturday to promote their forthcoming global conference that is slated to be held at Noida in October.

Pan IIT, an umbrella organisation of all IIT campuses in the country, was constituted in 2002. So far their alumni have contributed in various nation-building activities.

Ashok Madhukar, an alumni of IIT-Kharagpur and a member of the organising committee of Pan IIT, said: “We want IIT graduates from this region to work closely with the new IIT that was established at Ropar in Punjab. Entrepreneurship and enhancement of human skills hold the key to the economic development of this region.”

The Punjab government is also extending full help to Pan IIT alumni association in its initiatives.

“The state government is keen to forge a sustainable partnership with Pan IIT to leverage its support and guidance for ensuring Punjab’s overall growth. With their assistance, we want to shift from a resource-based economy to knowledge-based economy,” said Rakesh Verma, managing director of Punjab Infotech.

“Punjab Infotech and our government will act as an enabler to facilitate and strengthen linkages amongst the government organisations, academia, industry and pan- IIT,” said Verma.