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Poverty-stricken woman set kids, herself ablaze


Raipur : Unable to get money to treat her children, a poor woman in a Chhattisgarh village set herself and her two children on fire, police said Friday.

The incident took place Thursday in Bhelwa Pataibahar village in Jashpur district, some 400 km north of capital Raipur, when 27-year-old Kamla Bai killed her three-year-old daughter and three-month-old son before ending her own life.

Interrogation of family members and neighbours revealed that Kamla’s husband Nehru Sai had no money to treat the two children, who had been down with fever for a few weeks, B.S. Paikra, the police official who investigated the incident, told IANS over the phone.

“Sai’s wife Kamla Bai was very disturbed for failing to take her two kids to the doctor. She tried her best to manage money from neighbours and relatives but could not succeed and finally set herself on fire with both the kids,” Paikra said.