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UMF to intervene in upcoming Panchyat Election in Jharkhand

By TCN Special Correspondent,

Ranchi: While preparation for upcoming Panchayat election in Jharkhand becoming focus of all activities of all political parties, it seems the socio-political groups and peoples’ movement are also determined to intervene in the elections. These groups see it as an opportunity to strengthen the democratic process at local level and ensure the participation of “Aam Adami,” resulting in their socio-political empowerment. On Friday evening, representatives of different groups and movement met to discuss the strategy in Ranchi. Around 20 activists representing more than 10 groups, working amongst different marginalised communities and a range of issue, were present in the meeting.

“The announcement of panchayat election after a long period of more than three decades is welcome as it gives us a chance to ensure a participatory democracy at grass root level”, believes Dr. Hasan Raza, Convener of the United Milli Foum (UMF), Jharkhand on whose initiative the meeting was organised. “We should intervene in this with our utmost effort,” he adds. Balram Ji, a senior social activist a campaigner of Right to Food Act agrees with Dr. Raza. “There is no way to strengthen the common men and women other than to strengthen the Gram Sabhas and for that, we have to launch a movement and upcoming elections can be an entry point”. So, does Dayamani Barla, a Tribal leader of national stature and who heads Adiwaasi Moolwasi Astitva Raksha Manch (AMAM), a group leading anti-Displacement movement in Jharkhand.

Sashibhusan Pathak,a senior human rights activist while considering election a necessary process for the democracy raised, some questions regarding the political scenario of Jharkhand. “I have serious doubt that the election will help to ensure the real democratic process”, he fears. “What is more important, the complete overhaul of the existing system”, he added. However, Vinay Bhusan, a cultural activist did not agree with Pathak and stressed on intervention.

The groups agreed to join hands to intervene in the election and decided to meet on September 26th for day long workshop titled- Upcoming Panchayat Election: Challenges and Strategies organised by UMF in association with other groups. Meanwhile, the groups will build a strong network of activists at local level who play a lead role in their respective areas and identify candidates through peoples’ committee at panchayat level. The groups also agreed to ensure the representation of Muslim community according to their population along with other deprived groups.

United Milli Forum (UMF), is socio-political forum initiated in 2004, has been working in the field of socio-economic and political empowerment of marginalized communities in general and Muslims in particular, as a people’s organization in different parts of Jharkhand. Over the last six years, UMF has been involved in range of activities and has gained rich experience in creating awareness among the masses about their rights, training health workers, organizing people on socio-political and livelihood issues and networking with people’s organization.